Exporting Data

There are a number of ways to export data. What you can export and how it can be exported depends on both your role and the type of subscription. Viewers cannot be given the ability to export data.


Below is a list of reports that can be directly exported. Results can be filtered for a specific time period and/or a specific user, computer, or group. The export/download button will be along the top next to the filters.

Live Reports >

  • Top Users
  • Working Hours (available to paid accounts only)
  • Top Websites
  • Top Applications
  • Activity Log

Screenshots > Alarms >

  • Alarm Log

Settings > Users & Groups >

  • User Agents
  • Computer Agents
  • Groups

Settings > Security > 

  • Audit (available to paid accounts only)

Note: for large amounts of data, you may notice an error 'Results Limited' with tooltip "Returned results are limited to 10,000 records. Adjust the filters to narrow the results." This only affects how many records can be displayed in the user interface; the export will include the full amount of records for your filter.



Paid Accounts

Paid accounts can export all screenshots from the Alarms> Screenshots > History page. Use the filters to narrow down which screenshots will be exported. Then use the "Export Screenshots" button to either download to a zipped folder on the computer or send them to a connected Google Drive account.

Free Accounts

Free accounts do not have the ability to export their screenshots, but they are able to save screenshots individually. Go to Alarms >Screenshots > History, open an individual screenshot (using the filters to narrow down screenshots if helpful), then left-click on a screenshot to zoom in, and right-click to save the image.



Data can be exported for a user's activity with regular querying and personalized reporting with other sources such as data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, etc.) and other data sources with ActivConnect. To learn more about ActivConnect by navigating to Integrations.


If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us by using the chat widget inside the Dashboard or by emailing us at support@activtrak.com.


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