How to Export and Manage Data

There are four main ways you can export data from the ActivTrak application. Depending on how your organization uses its ActivTrak data and how often the data is needed outside of the app, you can choose to:

1. Directly export it from a Live Report

2. Download it from an Insights Dashboard

3. Create email subscriptions to Insights Dashboards

4. Use ActivConnect (available as an add-on to paid plans)

To see other export options available to Admins, click here.

1. Live Report Exports

Exporting data from ActivTrak’s Live Reports allows you to access the data within a CSV file or Google Sheet. Depending on the type of report and the volume of data it contains, you will need to adjust your data export strategy. 

Within reports that aggregate data such as Top Websites, Top Applications and Top Users, we recommend filtering for one month or less and a single group with 25 or fewer members. 

The Activity Log report details every action a user takes within their machine. Every time the title bar changes, we record that change via the Activity Log. The number of activities logged per user depends on their role, working style, and time worked. On average each user generates 1,800 activities per day. Given the sheer volume of the data within the Activity Log  (as well as other reports such as Working Hours), we recommend filtering these reports for a time range of just a few days and for 25 or fewer members.

Exports are limited to 10,000 rows of data per each export. If you need to export data for more than 25 employees, for a longer time period on a regular basis, or more rows of data, we recommend that you use ActivConnect to efficiently export and access your data. 

To directly export data from Live Reports, navigate to Live Reports > select a live report (ex: Top Websites) > select the "Export" dropdown at the top left. From there, select your download format preferences- ‘Download’ for CSV file or ‘Save to Google’ to save data in a Google Sheet.


If you would like to export the graphs from these reports, navigate to Dashboard > Print Page to print copies or save them as color PDF files. 

2. Download Insights Dashboards

Similar to Live Reports, each Insights dashboard can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF. 

To directly export data from Insights reports, navigate to Insights > select an Insights dashboard (ex: Work Efficiency) > click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner > select “Download”. From there, select your download format preferences. 



3. Email Subscriptions to Insights Dashboards 

For a more automated approach, you can schedule Insights Dashboards to be delivered at regular intervals to specific app users via our email subscription functionality. Learn more here

4. Use ActivConnect with BI Tools (Paid Plans only)

You can leverage the ActivConnect add-on to access your data directly, connect to external data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI) and connect with other data sources. Learn more here.



If you need to pull data on User or Computer Agents, you can export data from either of these pages by navigating to Settings > Users & Groups > User Agents or Computer Agents > select “Export” in the top right corner. 


This will provide a CSV of all the data within the User or Computer Agent pages. 


To download data on all the teams or groups of employees in your ActivTrak account, navigate to Settings > Users & Groups > Groups > select “Download” in the upper right corner. This will provide a CSV of all the groups and their members. 


For more details on bulk edits to groups, click here.


Screenshots are available with the Screen Details Add-on and are created as a result of alarms. Keeping screenshots within the app itself ensures you maintain context of when the screenshot was taken, from which computer and the alarm conditions that triggered the screenshot. If high resolution images are needed, you have the option to export screenshots.

Navigate to Alarms > Screenshots > History then select the Export Screenshots dropdown in the upper-right of the screen and select either “Current Page” or “All Pages” > Download. You have the option to download the screenshots either to a zipped folder on the computer or send them to a connected Google Drive account.

Note: To ensure screenshots are successfully exported, narrow down the report to a shorter time frame and fewer users. 


Paid accounts have the ability to export all or individual screenshots:

  1. Navigate to Alarms > Screenshots > History.
  2. Adjust filters to narrow down the dates, activities, etc., and then open the individual screenshot.
  3. Left-click on the screenshot to zoom in, and then right-click and save the image.

For additional assistance, reach out to our Support team.

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