ActivTrak Agent Deployment Guide

ActivTrak is powered by the Agent — the mechanism by which digital workforce activity is collected from devices for analysis in reports, dashboards and other features. Without at least one deployed Agent, reports and dashboards will appear empty.

There are many ways to deploy the ActivTrak Agent, depending on your preferences and company policies. This guide provides an overview of Windows Agent and macOS Agent deployment methods.

  • Direct methods are an option when an Admin has physical access to the device
  • Remote methods are necessary when an Admin does not have physical access to the device
  • Silent options indicate that the deployment method can be unknown to the user


  • With silent deployments, we recommend clearing the browser and download history of the device after the Agent has been installed.
  • Agent auto-updates are turned on by default to ensure the best possible experience with ActivTrak. Learn more about updating the Agent in this article. Note: If you wish to disable Agent auto-updates, please contact ActivTrak Support.
  • For improved capture of website activities, we recommend taking advantage of our free ActivTrak Assist Browser Extension. Get step-by-step deployment instructions in this article. Note: The ActivTrak Assist Browser Extension is visible for users, and thus, is not a silent option.
  • For Linux and alternative OS users, or for those using Google Chromebooks, the ChromeOS Agent can be installed to collect any activity within the browser. It will not, however, collect application activity data. To learn more about the ChromeOS Agent (including deployment instructions), click here.
  • To learn more about what data the ActivTrak Agent collects, click here
  • To review the ActivTrak Agent footprint, system compatibility and browser requirements, click here.

Deploy Agents Directly 

Method macOS Win Silent Option
yes yes yes
yes yes yes

Deploy Agents Remotely

Method macOS Win Silent Option
yes yes no
no yes yes
no yes yes
no yes yes
no yes yes
yes no yes
no yes yes


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