Hiding Active Directory Groups from View

If Active Directory has been integrated into your ActivTrak account, you have the option to show or hide the Active Directory Groups on the dashboard. 

The ActivTrak agent will query any assigned groups from your Active Directory domain in order to assist you in creating your groups for ActivTrak, if they are similar or the exact same. However, an admin may not want to view their Active Directory Groups at all while within the platform and opt only to use ActivTrak Created Groups.

How To:

1. To access this feature, go to Settings –> Users & Groups –> Groups and look towards the top right-hand corner. A toggle setting will appear here, by default.

2. Turning this toggle to Off will hide all Active Directory groups from being selectable and viewable from the dashboard and reports. You will only see groups that you have created within ActivTrak.

NOTE: This will not hide or remove any users from being monitored or tracked. To stop tracking users, place them on the Do Not Track list.

With the setting toggled to On, the Active Directory groups can be viewed while filtered to see them through Groups.



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