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Setting benchmarks and goals is key to understanding baselines and tracking progress to desired performance. In this report, view benchmarks and trends across your team’s top quartile and average to help inform the goals set across your team.

Key Questions:


How is my team performing on average? What’s the difference between my top-quartile group’s behavior and the average behavior?

It’s helpful to leverage the performance of the top quartile as a means to guiding the team’s behavior. Consider using these numbers as a stretch goal in the future, guiding the goals in the interim in increments if that delta between the top-quartile and the average is large.



A. Team’s Top Quartile Average

  • Team’s Top Quartile Average: The first four numbers highlight the top quartile group’s productivity/focus (depending on selection) behaviors over various periods of time with the final number reflecting the overall average.  

Productivity Lab Tip

Understand that while some employees may be averaging these numbers, 75% of your selected team is not. These numbers are often best to understand potential stretch goals or top of ranges.



B. Team Average

  • Team’s Average: The team average is an indicator of current baseline numbers for productivity/focus (depending on selection) behaviors across the team. These numbers are reflected in the same manner as the top quartile – showcasing average numbers across various periods of time with an overall average at the end. 
  • Team Average Daily Trend (Last 12 Weeks): Reference this graph to track changes in team productivity/focus (depending on the selection) over the previous 12 weeks. 


Learn more about the different metrics included in ActivTrak Premium by accessing our data glossary.



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