ActivConnect - Essentials/Advanced Data Glossary

Below is an alphabetized list of the different data fields in ActivConnect Essentials/Advanced along with their data type and a short description for each.


Field Name Type Description
accountid INTEGER ActivTrak account number
active_state STRING

User's activity level:

  • Active- using keyboard/mouse
  • Passive - not using keyboard/mouse
  • Passive Locked - computer is locked/asleep; filtered by default.

learn more about passive time settings here.

activity_type STRING There are three main activity type classifications ''Application', 'Site', 'Search'
activity_week DATE First day of week
alarm_action STRING

Additional column to 'Alarms_Triggered', it's a categorized column with type of alarm action configured like 'Email', 'Popup', 'Screenshot', 'Terminate', 'Webhook'

learn more about alarm actions here
alarm_email_action INTEGER Activity with email triggered from configured alarm actions
alarm_popup_action INTEGER Activity with pop triggered from configured alarm actions
alarm_screenshot_action INTEGER Activity with screenshot triggered from configured alarm actions
alarm_terminate_action INTEGER Activity with terminate action triggered from configured alarm actions
alarm_triggered INTEGER 1 or 0 value: Events associated with alarms will return a 1
alarm_webhook_action INTEGER

Activity with webhook action triggered from configured alarm actions

learn more about alarm actions here
app_site_approval_status STRING

Application / Site approval status based on productivity classification.

Unapproved = Uncategorized and/or Undefined else Approved.
STRING Cleaned executable name

Combination of Application and Site objects.

Note: Different from Application_Site, this column displays only the Site details for web applications.


browser_site STRING Applications with site or URL content e.g Google Chrome(


category STRING

Activity category specified in the ActivTrak application. - e.g. Business Tools, Social Media.

Learn more about activity categories here
clean_url STRING The URL strings after 'https://', 'http://' and "www."
computer_id INTEGER Computer ID
computer_name STRING Managed computer name


dataset_version NUMERIC The version number of the table schema, so you can easily track if there are new field changes
day_of_week STRING Sunday - Saturday
day_type STRING Weekend / Weekday
device_ip STRING Managed device LAN IP
duration_sec INTEGER Activity duration in seconds


executable STRING Name of the app running, usually in its raw format. E.g. Slack.exe


full_url STRING Full unfiltered Url


local_date DATE Date only with Time Zone conversion
local_datetime DATETIME Time converted based on configured application Time Zone
local_time TIME Time only with Time Zone conversion
logon_domain STRING Active Directory domain attached computers will show the domain name here. If not attached to a domain, the computername will be shown. Macs almost always show computername and Google Chrome agents will not show anything. Comes from the operating system.


period_of_day STRING Day period classification: Morning, Afternoon, Night & Overnight values
BOOLEAN Flags activities involving the following objects: OneDrive, DropBox, FTP, SFTP, and USB file transfer activities
primary_domain STRING Often the same as the local system name, though not always. if the computer is attached to an Active Directory domain, that domain name will show up here. If not, it's typical for Windows machines to use "WORKGROUPS", Chrome agents to use "Google". Macs typically don't show anything related to the primary domain. Comes from the operating system.
productivity STRING Productive / Unproductive / Undefined Classification
productivity_state STRING

Combination of 'productivity' and 'active_state'. :

  • Productive Active
  • Productive Passive
  • Unproductive Active
public_ip STRING Managed device WAN IP


search_term STRING Displays the entered search term by a user in search-related activities.
site STRING extracted domain or domain with subdomain URL format.


titlebar STRING Name of the title bar of the active window.


user STRING Friendly user name. E.g. First Last. Comes from the operating system.
user_alias STRING Comes from ActivTrak, and not the operating system. User Aliases are used to combine multiple user logins in our graphs and reports as well as provide a "friendly name" in case the "userraw" and "user" fields are ambiguous.
user_id INTEGER ActivTrak User ID
user_name STRING

If a user alias was defined in the ActivTrak app this field will populate the user alias record else user record will be shown.

- this is the behavior in the ActivTrak app.

Learn more about user alias here

username STRING Simple login name. Often first initial, last name. Comes from the operating system.
utc_timestamp TIMESTAMP System activity DateTime in UTC time zone


week_of_year INTEGER Week number in year

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