Data Privacy Controls within the ActivTrak Platform

Data privacy is a top priority for ActivTrak, and our platform incorporates multiple controls to ensure your account is configured to meet any organizational requirements or regulations from your industry or local government. These controls cover privacy needs across the full account, for users accessing data within our platform and for licensed users with our software installed on their devices.

Data Privacy Controls

You can hide certain data points and images that can potentially expose sensitive data throughout the ActivTrak platform without disrupting your workforce productivity analytics and reports.

When enabled, this applies across the platform, including the application, ActivConnect and throughout any integrations you have enabled.

When Data Privacy Controls are enabled, the following data points and features are hidden:

  • Remove sensitive data and non-business activity including:
    • All website and application title bars
    • All website subpages (like detailed URLs) 
    • All screen images including Alarm Screenshots and Screen Views within Team Pulse
  • Remove intrusive Alarm actions such as Pop-Ups, App Terminations and USB alarms
  • Set a list of websites that are not able to be accessed by monitored machines with the Website Blocking feature
  • Set granular user role permissions and access for responsible data sharing across the organization
    • Configure access to specific apps, reports and dashboards based on user role and need
    • Create custom groups with distinct permissions

Note: Data Privacy Controls hide certain data points within reports, but they do not prevent the Agent from collecting and storing data. If the controls are disabled, these data points will populate retroactively in reports for the time period that the controls were enabled.

Admins can disable Data Privacy Controls via the Data Privacy toggle on the Role Access page (Settings > Access > Role Access).


Below are examples of the data shown in reports when Data Privacy Controls are enabled or disabled:


With Data Privacy disabled, the User View in Team Pulse shows full URLs and title bars within the Real-Time section as well as the Extended List and Screen View tabs.


With Data Privacy enabled, the User View in Team Pulse excludes URL subpages, title bars and the Extended List and Screen View tabs.


With Data Privacy disabled, the Top Websites Report shows full URLs and title bars.


With Data Privacy enabled, the Top Websites Report excludes URL subpages and title bars.

Data Hashing

You can further protect data within Title Bars and URL subpages from discovery or data breaches by enabling Data Hashing, which encrypts title bars and URL subpages, making it impossible to reverse-engineer the original data. Enabling Data Hashing does not prevent the Agent from collecting data, but it increases the security of stored data to ensure that sensitive details won’t be exposed.


The hashing of title bars and URL subpages within the Activity Log.

ActivTrak continues to add robust privacy capabilities to its platform that safeguard users' sensitive and private data without compromising the accuracy of any valuable productivity insights. To learn more about the Data Privacy Control capabilities in ActivTrak, click here.

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